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Candid Photography

Candid Wedding Photography is to get the expressions of the person in focus when unaware of camera. Candid Photography is clicked with natural expressions, without posing for a photograph.

Operating Area

We currently operate in the Samlon Tola area. We always try to give our best to our customer. Please contact for more details.

Our Team

Who We Are

We Dartphotography creative Photography to professionals for every type ceremonies or event like Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, Gatherings, and many more. Our studio’s strength lies in our diverse backgrounds in architecture, cinematography, photography and graphics.

Dharmvir Baitha

Creative Director

Dharamvir Baitha is possibly the india’s most popular living Photographer,but he is also something else: an incisive and original thinker on art.He took many photograph of various types ofBirthdayParty, WeddingCeremony, HaldiCeremony,Mehandi, Anniversary, Gathering and many more.He is one of the best and well known photographer in Ranchi.

We Love our Clients, And They Love Us

“We received our photos we absolutely love them, they are fantastic!! Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job. We are so happy.Thank you so much again.”

Munmun Pal

“Thank You so much for getting our photo’s out to us so quickly.  They are absolutely beautiful.  You managed to capture so much perfectly.”

Dipti Kumari

“We are so happy with the photos, you did an amazing job! There are so many really lovely shots in there and we are really grateful we had you there to capture the day.”

Vinay Raj

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